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A simple build system

Meique is an open source build system for C and C++ programming languages where you describe your projects using Lua as script language, an imperative approach to the world of build systems.

The tool supports most important features a build system would require plus some special ones like Qt4 support:

Meique is small, easy to use and doesn't have any extra dependencies. So get it, try it, use it!

Blog posts:

18 Mar 2014

"New" site

After a Monday night with nothing better to do, instead of writing about a lot of things I did on meique last months I just spent some time playing with the website CSS, here is the result, less ugly than before :-).

11 Apr 2013

QtCreator build plugin rewrite

Yes, there is a QtCreator build plugin for meique, it's not complete but it's there. In fact it's there for some time, I started it because QtCreator is part of my workflow, I code on QtCreator, compile, run, etc on a terminal, so the current plugin development motto is: "I'm coding what's useful to me, hope to be for you too".

The project started as an experiment forking the current CMake plugin already on QtCreator tree, however I'm not an expert on QtCreator internals and the CMake plugin have a lot of things that I don't want, don't need or don't understand. As an experiment the code was ok, but for a real plugin the code was as horrible as an ugly fork could be, so yesterday (2013-04-10) I decided to start the plugin from scratch and try to do it right, as said before the plugin is being wrote just to fill my needs, so my current goals are:

Build the project using QtCreator isn't in my initial list (because I don't use it), but I'll probably implement it, run targets also isn't on my list, but this one I'm not sure if I'll implement, however patches are welcome, the code can be found at

Update: All initial goals done, just the UI to choose the build directory is missing.

23 Nov 2012

Project moved to a github organization

The project was moved from a single repository on my github account to a repository on the shiny new Meique organization on github, thanks to git no history was lost and the move was fast and painless :-).

The move was motivated by the need to create a new repository for the development of a QtCreator build system plugin for meique that should be somehow easy related to meique, the issues on the old repository will also be moved soon, at least the open ones.

The old repository will be removed soon, the new one is: git://

29 Oct 2012 domain: check!

The meique website is now under domain! :-). Ah, now we have some documentation too, enjoy.

Next thing to do: Maybe a release, more examples or port some existing project.

07 May 2012

Webside: check!

Meique website partially done: check! Next step: write the documentation!